One of *those* projects on the loom…

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It’s one of those projects. They happen now and again. I want to use a particular weft yarn, and I play with combinations to use for a warp yarn until I find one I think will work. So far, so good. And the yarn I picked, Mayhem and Chaos Rockstar in Inky Love, is just magical on the loom. It’s got 2% silver in it, and it sparkles like no yarn I’ve ever seen. Hard to capture on camera, but … Read More

Art for Free – What’s Your Time Worth?

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Anyone who’s in any kind of creative field faces this situation: people expect your time and work in exchange for … nothing. Or, for “exposure”. I haven’t been at the professional art game for very long, but having spent the last ten years in the world of business coaching, I do know a little about business. And as much as some of us artists don’t like to think of it that way, if you’re a professional artist, then you are … Read More

Making a Down Shed on a Schacht Flip Rigid Heddle Loom

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A question that comes up every so often for new owners of Schacht’s Flip rigid heddle loom is how to make a down shed. It seems to depend on which version of the Flip booklet your loom came with, but it’s not always obvious how to get that shed, and few things are more frustrating when you just want to get on and weave! Note: I use “heddle” and “reed” interchangeably here. I’ve tried to take some good photos of … Read More

Community of Artists

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I spent a delightful evening visiting with Teresa Bennett of TSB Textiles in her studio at Greensborough. Teresa taught me to weave, so it’s always a bit special to spend time with her. That, and she’s a wonderful artist and weaver and I love the chance to see what she’s done lately. If you’re over the Greensborough side of Melbourne, you should certainly stop in and see her work. Teresa was very gracious tonight as I bubbled over with ideas … Read More

Buda Contemporary Textiles Exhibition

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I was excited to visit the Buda Contemporary Textiles Award & Exhibition at Buda House in Castlemaine last weekend. It was a cold, rainy day in Castlemaine, but the weather did not detract from the fascinating exhibition in the slightest. The Award and Exhibition is held every second year at Buda House (beautiful and worth a visit all on its own!), and it has been running since 2008. I love the fact that it makes a special point of displaying … Read More