Bendigo 2015

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What a bit time of year July is for the fibre world. I’m back and rested up after my time in Bendigo for the Australian Sheep and Wool Show this year, and what a wonderful time. I had a wonderful time at the Artisans Textile Festival, meeting so many lovely crafters. I love being able to share the glorious White Gum Wool with you, and I’m looking forward to when I can do that more often in just a few … Read More

New Studio Shopfront for Metafour Studio

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I’m very excited to announce that as of August 2015, Metafour Studio will be located at the Burrinja Cultural Community Centre in Upwey, Victoria. Burrinja is a special place in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. I’m delighted to be returning to the place that I grew up – I am endlessly inspired by the wonderful Hills. The new studio space will have textile supplies for sale, included Schacht products and White Gum Wool. I’ll be adding more local yarn producers to … Read More

Berwick Show Craft Entries

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Last weekend saw the annual Berwick Show, and despite the very hot weather, it was a delight to see so many entries in the craft pavilion. There were some truly beautiful pieces in many categories, and the standard of handwoven entries at Berwick is always very high. It’s great to see handweaving out on public display, and local agricultural shows are an excellent way to show your work. I like the fact that the general public get to see the … Read More

Summer School at the Guild

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On Sunday, I taught a class on creating the Windowpane pattern with a rigid heddle loom, as part of the Handweavers and Spinners Guild of Victoria’s annual Summer School program.   Ten delighted weavers learned to warp their looms, and began creating their own windowpane scarves. I’m enjoying seeing pictures of the finished scarves as students complete them in their own time. It’s a versatile pattern, and is it easier than it looks to learn it! Most students had their … Read More

Exhibition at Apollo Bay

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I’m thrilled to be part of the beautiful group exhibition, Tactile Pleasure, at Apollo Bay. Where: Anglican Church Hall, Main St, Apollo Bay When: January 7 – 31 2015, open 10am – 4pm daily More information at the exhibition Facebook page. There are many artists on display, and more than a hundred pieces of handmade art on offer. All pieces are for sale, and many kinds of medium are represented. I have some handwoven scarves, some of the Thrumblings brooch … Read More

Case Study: Creating a 60th Birthday Gift

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I was delighted to be asked by a friend to create something special for her father’s upcoming 60th birthday. My customer knew she’d like to give her father a custom handwoven scarf, and she knew he liked his scarves to be a little shorter and thinner than my more standard dimensions. And, she knew her father┬áliked soft and luxurious fibres. But she wasn’t sure what the scarf should look like. This is definitely not unusual! In fact, it’s vary rare … Read More

Open Studio Series at Wyreena Arts Centre, Croydon

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I’m very excited about my upcoming Open Studios series, which is running at Wyreena Arts Centre in Croydon, Victoria. The grounds are gorgeous, and their on-site cafe is both beautiful and delicious. So for two hours each Friday morning until Christmas, I’ll be working in Studio Two upstairs. You (yes, you!) are very welcome to say hello, see what I’m working on, and perhaps try your hand at weaving on one of my demonstration Cricket looms. You’re also welcome to … Read More

One of *those* projects on the loom…

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It’s one of those projects. They happen now and again. I want to use a particular weft yarn, and I play with combinations to use for a warp yarn until I find one I think will work. So far, so good. And the yarn I picked, Mayhem and Chaos Rockstar in Inky Love, is just magical on the loom. It’s got 2% silver in it, and it sparkles like no yarn I’ve ever seen. Hard to capture on camera, but … Read More

Art for Free – What’s Your Time Worth?

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Anyone who’s in any kind of creative field faces this situation: people expect your time and work in exchange for … nothing. Or, for “exposure”. I haven’t been at the professional art game for very long, but having spent the last ten years in the world of business coaching, I do know a little about business. And as much as some of us artists don’t like to think of it that way, if you’re a professional artist, then you are … Read More

Making a Down Shed on a Schacht Flip Rigid Heddle Loom

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A question that comes up every so often for new owners of Schacht’s Flip rigid heddle loom is how to make a down shed. It seems to depend on which version of the Flip booklet your loom came with, but it’s not always obvious how to get that shed, and few things are more frustrating when you just want to get on and weave! Note: I use “heddle” and “reed” interchangeably here. I’ve tried to take some good photos of … Read More