Sauntering Vaguely Downward #1* is woven from nylon jewellery cord, tussah silk/viscose textured yarn, and silver plated jewellery chain. Created to suggest leather and chain, while still having softness and drape, this piece has a lot of personality.

This piece was woven for the 2014 Geelong Scarf Festival theme of “Divinely wicked or devilishly good?”

Note that metals continue to evolve and change their look over time. Silver plate will tarnish and yellow, especially where it is in contact with other materials.

* With apologies to Terry Pratchatt and Neil Gaiman.

  • Detail: Handwoven scarf in black open weave with silver chain floats.
  • Materials: Nylon, tussah silk/viscose, silver plated chain
  • Availability: One of a kind. Price on application.