My practice is in handwoven textile and mixed media. I work primarily with rigid heddle and tapestry looms in my textile-based practice, and am beginning to work with industrial materials in my sculptural-based practice. The majority of my work incorporates weave in some way. While much of my work is in fashion and soft furnishings, I am currently interested in exploring the art and sculptural side of my practice.

My interest is in colour and texture, and in intersections of nature and human industry. My work often explores the impermanence of human-made structures in the face of time and natural forces.

My approach toward creating art is intuitive and emotionally driven, though often precise in execution. My art is a response to the emotions generated by colours, textures, and the natural and built environment. I begin with a feeling I want to capture. Each piece is planned, but usually only moments before I begin its creation.

I like to explore the possibilities of what weave can accomplish, and often explore the use of non-traditional materials in my work.