If you have something special in mind, I’d be honoured to work with you to create it. You can read a case study on the commission process in my blog.

I can create woven wall art for your home or commercial space, matching the colour and mood you’re looking for.

Or, maybe you have something special in mind for yourself or a friend – a custom woven scarf or wrap.

I’d love to discuss your ideas – contact me for any commission requests.



How do commissions work?

It can be hard to articulate what you want to someone else – especially if you’re not crystal clear yourself. The way Metafour Studio handles commissions aims to take some of the uncertainty out of the process. There are two ways I work with you:

If you know exactly what you want

If you know exactly what you want – the colours, the materials, the dimensions and the pattern, great! I’ll weave your item for you. For this method, I take a non-refundable 20% deposit, and the item is yours as soon as it is complete and the balance is paid.

If you’ll know it when you see it…

If you know you want “something” but you’re not certain exactly what, this method is for you. We’ll identify two or three key elements that you want in your piece. It might be a colour you want to include, or an outfit you want to match, or you might just want ‘something beautiful just for you in soft alpaca’. I will create your piece, incorporating those elements, and you will have first right to purchase the piece when it is completed. If the finished item isn’t quite what you wanted, that’s okay – you’re not obligated to buy. We can try again to create your perfect piece if you like, and the first try will become available for general sale.

For very large pieces or works with luxury materials, a non-refundable deposit will be applicable.


How is the item presented?

You’ll receive your item carefully wrapped in white tissue paper and presented in a gift bag or box, depending on the item. Your item comes with an authenticated certificate including the name of the piece, its materials and creation date. Your certificate can be personalised if it is a gift. All Metafour Studio handwovens ship with care instructions included.


What do commissioned woven pieces cost?

It depends on the item, and specifics such as materials, dimensions and the complexity of the design,  but in general, allow $120 – $220 for a commissioned scarf.

But if you have a particular budget in mind, please do talk to me and perhaps we can work something out.


How long will it take you to weave my commission piece?

For most projects, allow six-eight weeks. That leaves time to create a second piece if you choose not to purchase the first creation. However, if you have a particular occasion you need your handwoven piece in time for, I may be able to accommodate you – please discuss it with me.


What else should I know?

Please see here for other things to be aware of when buying handwovens from Metafour Studio.