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Berwick Show Craft Entries

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Last weekend saw the annual Berwick Show, and despite the very hot weather, it was a delight to see so many entries in the craft pavilion. There were some truly beautiful pieces in many categories, and the standard of handwoven entries at Berwick is always very high.

It’s great to see handweaving out on public display, and local agricultural shows are an excellent way to show your work. I like the fact that the general public get to see the talent in their communities, and that we can challenge the idea of handcrafts being a dying art.

I was pleased to take home a 2nd prize in Handwoven Article for Day at the Beach, and 3rd prize in Handwoven Scarf for Imladris. The winning entry in Handwoven Article in particular was just amazing – beautiful handwoven cloth, professionally finished as a gorgeous handbag. It never ceases to amaze me, the creativity and skill of the craft community.

If you’ve never entered a show before, I do encourage you to do so. Most local shows are inexpensive to enter, and you just never know what result you might get. At the very least, you get to represent your craft for the public.

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