Community of Artists

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I spent a delightful evening visiting with Teresa Bennett of TSB Textiles in her studio at Greensborough. Teresa taught me to weave, so it’s always a bit special to spend time with her. That, and she’s a wonderful artist and weaver and I love the chance to see what she’s done lately. If you’re over the Greensborough side of Melbourne, you should certainly stop in and see her work. Teresa was very gracious tonight as I bubbled over with ideas … Read More

Buda Contemporary Textiles Exhibition

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I was excited to visit the Buda Contemporary Textiles Award & Exhibition at Buda House in Castlemaine last weekend. It was a cold, rainy day in Castlemaine, but the weather did not detract from the fascinating exhibition in the slightest. The Award and Exhibition is held every second year at Buda House (beautiful and worth a visit all on its own!), and it has been running since 2008. I love the fact that it makes a special point of displaying … Read More

Schacht Looms in Australia

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I’m really excited to be Schacht’s newest rigid heddle loom dealer for Australia. The first shipment of Cricket looms is on its way to me now, so if you’ve been hankering after a Cricket loom and haven’t been able to get your hands on one in Australia, I’d love to get one to you. They’re listed in the store now, but listed as out of stock until I take delivery and can guarantee you a delivery date. I love my … Read More

Metafour Studio Textile Art

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The first post on a blog is always a bit on the awkward side, isn’t it? Nevertheless, it’s great to have Metafour Studio’s site up and running – even if it is a little light on content for the moment! I’m looking forward to building a showcase of handwoven articles and art, and posts with a look into what’s going on in the Studio between finished projects.

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