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Schacht Looms in Australia

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I’m really excited to be Schacht’s newest rigid heddle loom dealer for Australia. The first shipment of Cricket looms is on its way to me now, so if you’ve been hankering after a Cricket loom and haven’t been able to get your hands on one in Australia, I’d love to get one to you. They’re listed in the store now, but listed as out of stock until I take delivery and can guarantee you a delivery date.

I love my Cricket. I bought it because my first loom, a Kromski Harp 24″, was too big to take to craft nights with friends. The loom itself is fine, but 24″ takes up more couch space than is practical. So, I bought a little 10″ Schacht Cricket, thinking I’d use it just for my travel loom. Well, I fell in love with my little Cricket, and I find I do more weaving on the Cricket than I do on my other looms put together. Schacht’s loom construction and design really impressed me, and a 20″ Flip joined the loom herd soon after the Cricket.

I do a lot of my scarf weaving on the Cricket loom, and I love its design. I gave mine a custom paint job, and because Crickets are so far quite rare in Australia, it attracts a lot of attention wherever it goes! I’m often asked if it is a family heirloom, which I’m choosing to take as a compliment on my painting skills…




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