Making a Down Shed on a Schacht Flip Rigid Heddle Loom

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A question that comes up every so often for new owners of Schacht’s Flip rigid heddle loom is how to make a down shed. It seems to depend on which version of the Flip booklet your loom came with, but it’s not always obvious how to get that shed, and few things are more frustrating when you just want to get on and weave! Note: I use “heddle” and “reed” interchangeably here. I’ve tried to take some good photos of … Read More

Schacht Looms in Australia

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I’m really excited to be Schacht’s newest rigid heddle loom dealer for Australia. The first shipment of Cricket looms is on its way to me now, so if you’ve been hankering after a Cricket loom and haven’t been able to get your hands on one in Australia, I’d love to get one to you. They’re listed in the store now, but listed as out of stock until I take delivery and can guarantee you a delivery date. I love my … Read More